iPhone SE Original LCD Screen Display

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iPhone SE display with a guaranteed original Apple LCD screen. This part contains the following components:

  • Original Apple LCD Screen and digitiser.
  • High quality glass and frame which are fitted together using cold press glue

This display has been refurbished in house by mendmyi using an original Apple LCD screen and the highest quality glass and frame which are bonded by cold press glue. This original LCD screen means that the contrast, brightness and colour balance of the screen will be the same as a freshly opened iPhone directly from the manufacturer.

During the refurbishment process the back of the LCD can get cosmetically marked. Rather than swap the LCD backlight with an aftermarket version we prefer to retain the original LCD backlight as the quality is the best. This means that the LCD backlight may be cosmetically marked however the visual LCD screen and screen in general will appear function as an original screen.

This part does not include the home button, front camera assembly, earpiece speaker, or the LCD shield plate which you will need to transfer from your old display.
Touch ID will only work with the devices original home button flex cable. Touch ID will not work with a new home button flex cable.

All iPhone SE models only (iPhone SE A1662, iPhone SE A1723, iPhone SE A1724)